This Type of Yoghurt Has Taken The World By Storm, and Here’s Why It’s Important

We all know that having a healthy digestive tract is critical to our overall health, and we achieve it by having a healthy amount of “good” bacteria. These are known as probiotics, and what they do is help us with irritable bowels, diarrhea and even our immune systems. The benefits go on and onYoghurt (or yogurt, yogourt, yoghourt; yes, there are this many spellings of one thing)  is one of those that contains these healthy bacteria, and over the decades has become an important part of many of our everyday lives. 

If you have bought and kept yoghurt before, you will realise that it must be kept chilled at all times. The shelf you get it from is a giant refrigerator, and when you bring it home and you have to store it inside your household refrigerator. Raising the curtain on regular yoghurt’s production process will reveal that it is fermented in a chilled condition, and transported to stores all over the world in ice-packed cargo. The reason why you can’t leave it outside is also due to the way it’s prepared; letting it stay at room (ambient) temperature for extended periods of time will spoil the yoghurt.

Yoghurt plays an important part in our health

In some other countries, yoghurt can be difficult to distribute because of the lack of a developed chilled supply chain infrastructure. This makes yoghurt largely inaccessible. Fortunately, some people have been working on alternatives, and in 2010 developed a type of yoghurt that can retain its stability in ambient temperatures, removing the need of refrigeration. 

Enter “ambient” yoghurt, or what is officially defined as “yoghurt-based product for ambient distribution”. It is yoghurt that has gone through additional heat treatment during the production process to be stable at room temperatures, so it can be stored and distributed to outlets without the need of refrigeration. This has opened up markets for yoghurt significantly, specifically China, which was one of the first countries to fully embrace the concept. 

One of the many brands of "ambient" yoghurt sold around the world

But for many of us who are privileged to enjoy chilled yoghurt on a daily basis anyway, what makes ambient yoghurt so appealing? Here are some reasons why!

Reason 1: It is highly convenient

Once you take the need to keep it chilled out of the equation, you’ll find that you can consume ambient yoghurt in just about every situation. You can pack a bottle into your bag at the start of the day, go to work or school, and then have it hours later at lunch! Or, you could bring a few bottles out to a picnic as a snack and fill that freed up space in the ice box with more cold beverages! The convenience it provides is valuable, and we’re sure that the examples we just mentioned are simply the tip of the iceberg!

Reason 2: It has similar nutritional benefits to regular yoghurt

Many times in health food, nutrition is sacrificed for convenience due to the need for additional processing. For ambient yoghurt, it doesn’t have the probiotic bacteria that regular yoghurt has, but otherwise contains similar nutritional content.

Reason 3: It’s as tasty as regular yoghurt!

Let’s face it. Most of the yoghurt we consume come with some form of additional sweeteners, for example strawberries, oranges and other sweet fruits. The same goes for ambient yoghurt, so really, there’s no love lost when it comes to taste!

Ambient yoghurt, ultimately, presents itself as an alternative to regular yoghurt. While it can never fully replace regular yoghurt due to its lack of probiotic properties, it presents itself as an additional avenue of nutritional food. And here at uNeed2get we are proud to have with us KIN Bulgarian Yoghurt. It is inspired by the Bulgarian “secret”, where it was found out that the Bulgarians, who have been able to preserve their youth well, often consumed Bulgarian yoghurt as a large part of their diet! Now, you can have it too! 

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