Sanitizers vs Disinfectants

Sanitizers vs Disinfectants. What to use during COVID-19? ​

These are difficult times, we know. And masks aside, sanitizers and disinfectants are the next in line of importance when it comes to ensuring we stay as virus-free as possible. But hold on, before you rush out (into the internet) to buy the first thing you see, let’s take a step back and look at the different kinds of options available.

First of all, what is the difference between sanitizers and disinfectants? By definition, sanitizers kill a range of bacteria, while disinfectants have a larger reach which includes infectious fungi and viruses. These days we use the term interchangeably, however, and it is best to read the label to know what exactly the product covers before making your purchase, as all of these products have to be tested and proven to work by laboratories before they can make the shelves.

Now, let us take a look at the different sanitizers and/or disinfectants out there in the market and which are the best of the lot.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers​

Source: Lazada

The good thing about alcohol-based sanitizers is that they feel nice to the touch since they dry quickly. They can come in bottle dispensers and spray bottles. One major downside is alcohol-based sanitizers are harmful if swallowed, so you’ll have to be careful when keeping it around children or pets.

+ Dries quickly + Easy to use

– Not safe for kids and pets
– Quick drying means less effectiveness over wider areas
– Alcohol properties make them flammable
– Might not be suitable for sensitive skin

Gel-based Hand Sanitizers​

Source: Lazada

These types of sanitizers are more effective than alcohol-based hand sanitizers since they don’t evaporate quickly, giving them more time to kill off germs and bacteria. Some people might not like the sticky aftereffect of gel, however. Additionally, many of them, particularly the smaller ones, can be attached to bags, making them highly portable for use wherever you go. Similarly, because they usually contain alcohol, these can be harmful when swallowed, so be sure to keep away from kids and pets.

+ More effective than alcohol-based sanitizers
+ Can be highly portable

– Sticky aftereffects could be undesirable
– Not safe for kids and pets
– Flammable

Alcohol-based Disinfectants

Source: Orapiasia

The most common form of disinfectants are those used in hospitals. While extremely capable of removing most bacteria and viruses, they usually are accompanied by warnings due to their high alcohol content (70% and above). There is a reason why users of these disinfectants usually wear gloves, after all.

+ Very effective at removing most bacteria and viruses

– Might not be suitable for sensitive skin
– Not safe for kids or pets

Non-alcohol-based Disinfectants

Source: Clean Best

Combining the best of both worlds between gels and alcohol-based sanitizers, these kinds of disinfectants are both the more effective and safer choice. As these do not contain alcohol, they are non-flammable and non-toxic. The downside is that they take longer to dry, and while it is also an upside in which it gives them more time to sterilize as they dry, some might find this a minor inconvenience.

+ More effective than alcohol-based solutions
+ Safe; non-toxic and non-flammable

– Takes longer to dry


The PL-600 is a non-alcohol-based sanitizer which gives you the best bang for your buck, and here’s why. The solution used is the same as the one used during the SARS epidemic, which means that it will show the same level of effectiveness against the virus in this pandemic. Additionally, itcan remove unpleasant smells in the surroundings. It is to be used in conjunction with its accompanying products, which you can choose based on your needs: the personal electronic spray, the family car diffuser, and the household humidifier. These gadgets ensure maximum efficiency in your usage of PL-600 which boasts a capacity total of 10L per box. So depending on your use, you can expect your investment to pay off over several months with only one box of PL-600.

+ Very effective
+ Removes unpleasant odour
+ Efficient due to accompanying equipment
+ Safe; non-toxic & non-flammable
+ Multi-purpose

– Requires preparation

Our Recommendation for COVID-19: PL-600

Based on the current situation, we feel that the PL-600 is the best choice in this pandemic. Due to the way it is dispensed, the downsides of using non-alcohol-based solutions is effectively nullified. Coupled with everything else we mentioned above, the PL-600 is the go-to solution for your everyday life against COVID-19.

You can get it here.