Ylofang Natural Hair Dye (Brown)


Say goodbye to your grey hair now!

Ylofang’s natural hair dye contains no harmful chemicals. In fact, it has a combination of wild ginseng, noni, olive and knotweed which can give your hair a luxurious touch! All you need is 5 minutes and 3 easy steps!

Beautify your hair with Ylofang!

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Ylofang Natural Hair Dye is more than just a dye. Formulated from a multitude of natural herbs, it contains no ammonia or other harmful chemicals. Ylofang promises effective results – natural hair colour and healthy hair!

Ylofang Natural Hair Dye comes in two colours: black or brown.

Key Ingredients

  1.  Ginseng Root Extract – Reduces hair loss. Encourages hair growth.
  2.  Olive Oil – Loosens dandruff and moisturizes dry scalp and flaky skin.
  3.  Noni Extract – Antioxidant. Combats inflammation, boosts immunity of hair. Provides cellular repair. Prevents parasitic diseases.
  4.  Knotweed Root – Helps in darkening of hair.

How to use

  1.  Wet hair
  2.  Apply dye
  3.  Wash off


  • 5-10 working days
  • Standard mail, non-trackable

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  1. Chan Tai

    The colour from this dye looks good!

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