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JINWU JEWELLERY, founded by Jin Wu, was born out of a love for Japan. Born in Singapore, Jin has always had a great affinity for the continent of her birth. Having travelled extensively through Japan, immersing in the different cultures of many cities, towns and villages like Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Kyoto, naming a few she has been deeply inspired by its beauty; both in the land, and in its people.

JINWU is an exclusive jewellery storage box powered by Japanese QC theory and exquisite Japanese craftsmanship so that each box of JINWU Jewellery box embodies the unique charm of Japan.

Our story starts with our founder, Jinwu. Her creative upbringing, culturally influenced by the many countries she lived in, instilled a love of design and an exploratory spirit from an early age. At university, whilst studying Psychology, Jinwu began to bring back gifts for friends from her travels abroad. She turned this into a small business and in 2015 the first shop opened.

Jinwu has evolved from curating others’ designs to creating our own. Our team of designers now take Jinwu’s exploratory spirit and channel it into our fashion and jewellery collections. We are inspired by the alchemy of great design and fresh thinking and the belief that design has the power to positively affect how we feel. New designs land in store and online every week.

Today, Jinwu Jewellery is Singapore’s most sought after and is run by an amazing team who share Jinwu’s passion for bringing new ideas to life. We have fun and follow our company values: Work Hard, Play Hard & Be Kind.



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