MyPot is now here in Singapore!

Even though the circuit breaker is over, we are still kind of stuck at home and sometimes, food becomes a little difficult to choose from. Instant noodles is no exception! If you’re sick and tired of eating the same old thing, or if you have scoured supermarkets only to find that these noodles are ultimately the same, this might be the chance for you to try something different!


MyPot is finally here in Singapore, and we at uNeed2get are proud to be the first to hold and sell this new brand of instant noodles at our online store! 


Incidentally, we decided to do a first-hand taste test to see what makes it different from the other instant noodles you can get in the market. There are two flavours currently available: the Hot Curry Chicken Flavour and the Onion Chicken Flavour. Without further ado, let’s begin the taste test!


Hot Curry Chicken Flavour

The preparation was a little different from some of the normal instant noodles as we were greeted with 3 sachets: The usual seasoning, the curry oil and the chilli powder. Our taste tester wanted to go full spicy, so we added everything inside. 


What we got was a nice curry smell that reminded us of those in Malaysia. The broth itself was decent – not overly spicy which allowed the taste of the curry to flourish. The noodles were springly and soft, which complemented the soup really well and had us finishing the bowl in a matter of minutes. 


Onion Chicken Flavour

Just like the curry pack, there were two additional sachets inside along with the noodles and seasoning. This time, one consisted of the onion oil which gives the eventual broth its onion flavour while the other is chilli powder, which our tester left out since we wanted to taste the base flavour as described in the package. 


The resulting broth was a nice balance of tastes. It wasn’t too salty, and it wasn’t too onion-y – which should be a relief for those wanting to try but can’t take spicy and dislike the taste of onions. Likewise, the noodles went well with the soup and ultimately made for an enjoyable meal. Thinking back, it would be a perfect experience had we added in some meat and other ingredients to top it all off!


Since MyPot was originally distributed around Malaysia and Indonesia, it means that it is Halal-certified, spelling good news for our Muslim friends who want to enjoy this brand of instant noodles!


You can also check out the influencers featuring our noodles here!

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