By entering into this Agreement (“Agreement“) on the date stated below (“Effective Date”), you (“Business Partner” “Merchant Partner”, “you”, “your“) represent that you are an adult of at least 18 years of age, capable of validly entering into agreements and performing your obligations hereunder. By registering as our Business Partner, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Agreement as well as all policies of the platform/website.

We are pleased to forward the terms and conditions for the participation in UNeed2Get (UN2G) Partnership Programme as follow: –

  1. The offer made shall be fully complied with throughout the entire contractual period in all Business Partner’s products (“Goods”) that are listed on (“Platform”) in Singapore.
  1. Permission is hereby given to UN2G to provide any of its promotional materials, including its website, the details of our particulars, among others such as Business Partner’s name, address, telephone number, trade category, merchandize sold and concession available to our members &/or affiliations.
  1. All of Business Partner’s staff shall be kept informed of and familiarized with this partnership.
  1. UN2G shall be duly notified at least seven (7) days prior to any new promotion/s or discount/s or new product/s by Business Partner.
  1. Business Partner must fulfil all Orders for Goods at their stated quantity and price to Customers who meet UN2G’s eligibility conditions; contract appropriate insurance covering its obligations thereunder and the Goods regardless of the fulfilment model At such times as UN2G may require, accurate, updated and complete information about the availability status, stock level and Selling Price of the Goods.  Business Partner must ensure that the Selling Price for any Good offered to Customers will not exceed the price offered by Business Partner outside the Platform for the same product in like or lesser quantities under similar terms and conditions and, where a lower price is so offered, ensure that the Goods benefit from that lower price.
  1. UN2G will send email Order notification to Business Partner and Business Partner must reply to the email to acknowledge receipt within 24 hours. Once the Good/s is delivered, Business Partner shall reply email to notify UN2G.
  1. Business Partner will prepare and ship the Order to the address specified in the Order within the lead times set out in the Policies, provided that, where Business Partner fails to comply with the deadline, UN2G reserves the right to modify the deadline and/or to cancel the Business Partner shall stop or cancel any Orders if directed by UN2G.  Business Partner will ensure that UN2G is at all times supplied with updated Order shipment tracking information.  Title and risk of loss for Goods will remain with Business Partner, and UN2G will have no liability whatsoever related to the Goods including their shipping, storage, delivery delays, damage, or loss.  Business Partner shall be responsible for obtaining appropriate insurance covering any damage or loss to the Goods.
  1. Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, Business Partner will be responsible for all costs incurred for shipping the Any costs assessed against or incurred by UN2G in relation to shipping will be debited to the Business Partner. Business Partner will also be responsible for payment of all customs duties, and taxes and any other charges related to the shipping and custom clearance of Goods.
  1. Sales statements, including Business Partner’s revenue for “paid and shipped orders”, will be provided via email on a bi-weekly basis, the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month or the following Monday if that Friday happens to fall on a public holiday. A notification email will be sent out.
  1. UN2G will collect a “Selling Fee” and “Payment Processing Fee” for each Order. The Selling Fee is 5% of the Selling Price of the Goods. The Payment Processing Fee is US$0.50 (subjected to exchange rate), in addition to 3.4% of the Selling Price of the Goods.
  1. All sales proceeds (after less payment processing fee) will be credited into UN2G’s corporate account. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payments will be made by UN2G to Business Partner on a bi-weekly basis, in respect of Orders that have been delivered or completed by the reconciliation cut-off date. The Order status may be subject to delays on weekends, public holidays, caused by third parties, or factors outside of UN2G’s reasonable   On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, UN2G will transfer the revenue minus selling and payment processing fees to Business Partner’s designated bank account. If the Wednesday happens to fall on a public holiday, the revenue will be transferred on the next business day.
  1. Business Partner do not need to generate any invoice to Customers as UN2G will generate e-invoice to Customers.
  1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all other prior agreements with respect hereto. No modification or amendment of this Agreement shall be effective unless made in writing by duly authorised officer of each
  1. If Business Partner’s business is being taken over or amalgamated with another business, in which the name and the type of the business remain the same, this Agreement shall also bind the successors in title, subject to the termination clause herein
  1. Both parties will be at liberty to terminate this Agreement by giving thirty (30) days written notice. This Agreement is deemed terminated upon the lapse of the thirty (30) days notice. For the avoidance of doubt, notwithstanding any termination for any reason, Business Partner will remain responsible for the fulfilment of any pending Order and UN2G will fulfil any pending payment obligations. Any provision of this Agreement that, by its nature, is meant to survive the term or
  1. Nothing herein shall be construed as making any the principal or agent of the other party or joint venture or partnership between the
  1. Business Partner shall indemnify and keep UN2G indemnified against all claims, actions, demands, costs and expenses that may arise out from or in connection with this partnership of which Business Partner shall or may become liable in the absence of any negligence from Business Partner.
  1. For the purpose of this Agreement, the following terms are defined as follows:
  • Customers” refers to people who made a purchase of any Goods on the Platform.
  • Order” refers to online orders that are placed by Customers for any Goods on the Platform.
  • Selling Price” refers to the price that Customers pay for their Order, including the delivery fee.